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What a great start!

I launched the Kickstarter!! (If you haven't stopped by yet, the link is on my home page).

This was quite a launch weekend -- as of the most recent Kickstarter bulletin (last night), The SPIRICAL Tarot is 74% funded!! This makes me extremely hopeful that it will be funded completely and I'll actually get to produce this thing I've worked long and hard on. Yay!

And because I have so much nervous energy from all this, I have been continuing to tweak the deck, here and there -- I hope for the better! For example, it suddenly occurred to me -- while driving my husband to the Emergency Department, as a matter of fact -- that we hold trauma in our bodies as well as in our heads and hearts... but the Trauma card doesn't reflect that. (My husband has an intestinal something-or-other, and he's recovering at home -- whew!)

The following day I thought about how I could show trauma in the body, and I redesigned the card (see above). The new version (on the right) is the one I plan to go with.

Everything -- deck, guidebook, box, workbook -- is done, except for these last few tweaks. The final box prototype is due back from the printer around 4/18, and the rest has already been prototyped and approved by me. So I am on track to begin production when the campaign ends... provided it fully funds, that is.

I am so grateful for your support, and I look forward to sharing this deck with everyone!

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