centering self-scan

seated figure with symbols fire, heart, spiral, infinity floating above

Use this short centering practice before you do a tarot reading, first thing in the morning or before bed, or any time you want to come back to your grounded center.

  • Come into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, and place your hands on your heart.

  • Breathe deeply in to a count of five, and out to a count of five, while repeating the mantra of your choice, either silently or out loud. I breathe in saying, "hello Universe," and breathe out saying, "I'm here." Repeat this for several cycles.

  • Return to normal breathing, and place your open hands on your knees, or on the ground if you're lying down. Become aware of the tingling life force energy flowing through them.

  • Return your hands to your heart and check in with your body. I ask myself "what is happening in my body right now?" Become aware of any sensations you are feeling physically.

  • Then check in with your mind and heart. I ask "what thoughts are arising, what feelings are arising for me right now?" Observe these thoughts and feelings without judgment.

  • Next, check in with any areas of struggle. I ask myself, "what's hard right now?" Offer yourself compassion for where you are in this moment, then, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug! I like to rock gently back and forth, comforting myself.

  • Lastly, open to gratitude: picture the things you're grateful for in your life.