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Choosing and Bonding
to a Tarot Deck


You are exploring The SPIRICALTarot (thank you!) – but there are so many decks out there, how do you know which one (or ones) is right for you?


The choice can be overwhelming. Many people believe that you get the best readings from a deck you feel particularly drawn to. Some decks are easier for beginners because their imagery is not complicated and there is a lot of information available about them. Some decks are colorful and vibrant while others are subtle and muted. There are decks that are more traditional in design, or there are modern decks that focus on artwork or a particular genre. Tarot decks come in different sizes; some people prefer larger cards and some prefer smaller ones. But I believe the best way to choose a deck is to look for one you feel an intuitive connection with – where you feel an instant internal “yes!” when you look at it. You can find tarot decks at bookstores or new age shops, and the internet is a great resource for exploring the huge variety of decks and card images. 

Once you’ve chosen and purchased a deck, there are several ways to bond to it. One way is to look through the deck, one card at a time, and pull out the ones to which you have the strongest reaction – which cards are you drawn to, which are confusing or feel uncomfortable? Some people consecrate or charge a new deck with smudging, crystals, or moon baths. You can also “interview” your deck by doing a spread to ask it questions, such as what its strengths and weaknesses are, what it’s here to teach you, or how best you can learn from it. And as you use any particular deck, you will develop your own sense of the cards’ meanings, aside from the meanings you find in this or any book.

Other Ways to Use
a Tarot Deck

There are many non-reading techniques you can explore with tarot. You can use the cards as part of a personal ritual – for example, you could pull one card (from the Major Arcana, or maybe from the suit you feel you need guidance in) to get direction for your day. You could pull a card as a journal prompt, you could place a pulled card on your altar, or you could use a card as a focus for a meditation. Or you can develop your own method!

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