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Final countdown...

What's happened this week:

  • The Kickstarter campaign is currently funded at 395%; I'm hoping for a last little bump that will push it over 400%!

  • The deck is completely uploaded to the printer and just waiting on the final number to order. I'm in the final edit of The SPIRICAL Year workbook, which I hope to finish by tomorrow.

What I'd like to do:

  • I've started working on my next project, but I'm struggling with the overall structure. I'm hoping to have a good flow experience with it soon, so I can get some traction.

  • I'd like to figure out what add-ons I'm going to be including with the deck, as a thank-you for all the extra funding. I'm already collaborating on an idea for a bookmark, to go with the Guidebook; I'm also considering hosting a Zoom session (or several) geared toward backers who are less familiar with tarot, to help them get more comfortable with the process.

  • I'd like to figure out how to make The SPIRICAL Year workbook available on the website as a .pdf. Several backers have asked for it. I have no idea how to do this at the moment, but it's on my list of things to do once the campaign is over.

What I've learned:

  • It feels really good to have this campaign be this successful :)


  • I can see myself doing more projects like this in the future... I'm not exactly sure how it will happen, but I'd like to make more things!

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