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I'm teaching a class series!

What's happening next week:

  • I will be teaching a series of classes, "Using Tarot for Yourself: A Year-Long Exploration of Tarot for Growth and Healing" beginning on Saturday January 14 2023. This six-session series will be held on the second Saturday of every other month, from 2:30-5:30p at Sol Rio Studio, a yoga studio in Guerneville, CA

  • The purpose of this series is to help you develop a personal and dynamic tarot practice -- using deep dives into cards, numbers and suits, as well as experiential activities, readings, sharing and discussion, we will explore tarot and create a personalized connection to the cards. I have found this deep and reflective process to be extremely helpful in using tarot for personal growth.

  • Please look at the "In-Person Classes" page on my website for more information!

What I'd like to do:

  • In addition to teaching classes, I'm working on ideas for another project, or projects -- I've been working on another intention-setting workbook, meant to be completed throughout the year, and I have some ideas for another deck, maybe an oracle deck this time.

  • For those of you who were Kickstarter backers, there are now digital versions of The SPIRICAL Tarot Guidebook and The SPIRICAL Year workbook here on the website; they are password-protected, so if you are a backer interested in downloading these but didn't get the password, please contact me.

  • I still have decks available from the first printing, so I have no immediate plans for another print run. I am trying to get up my courage to visit local businesses to see if they'd be interested in carrying The SPIRICAL Tarot, and to up my marketing game in general.

  • I sent out a survey to Kickstarter backers several months ago but got a limited response, so I decided to send it out again in the new year -- which is now. I plan to resend this soon.


  • It's my intention to put my efforts into improving my marketing this year, and see where I can take this potential tarot career -- I sort of fell into the whole class offering idea from an off-hand comment by a yoga classmate, and I love being guided by that sort of synchronicity!

  • Happy new year to all of you, and for those of you who are local, stay dry and safe this week!

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