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Kickstarter, here I come!

What I've done this month:

  • I made a rather large adjustment in philosophy (although luckily not in workload): I decided that the deck will not have keywords or other information printed on the cards, other than the number. I've decided that to use the card images in the way I intend, it's better not to see any words at all.

  • I've pretty much finished The SPIRICAL Year workbook -- it came out to about 60 pages of card-inspired prompts to help you set intentions for the year, and then check in on them every season. I'm happy with it and I think it will be a good companion to the deck.

  • I've updated the website with new sample cards, and I think I've figured out and fixed why I'm not getting notified when people contact me via the website. For those of you who haven't been able to figure out how to contact me, or who haven't gotten any response from me, I apologize -- it should work now!

  • I've completed the Kickstarter application and it's been approved -- so now I need to send out my "pre-launch page" (which is a link to my campaign) and generate some interest.

What I plan to do:

  • Launch the Kickstarter!!! I'm planning to launch on April 1 -- I know this is April Fool's Day, but I'm thinking of The Fool card here, so it's an auspicious date for tarot!

  • Make a customer list -- which will be pretty much everyone I know! -- so I can get as much exposure for the Kickstarter campaign as I can.

  • Up my social media game (not my strong suit!) -- post more on Instagram, maybe make a Facebook page for the deck, and ask social-media-savvy friends to link to me.

What I'm learning:

  • That I don't like the marketing/business part of this project! I don't understand it well, and I don't have much confidence in this area... but luckily I have a husband who has decades of experience with this stuff, and I greatly appreciate his help :)

  • How to know when a project is "done" -- in the last week or so I've made changes to the deck or the guidebook but they were "sideways" changes, meaning that I've been tweaking things but not really improving the product in any big way. It's time to move on.


  • I'm ready to launch, I'm ready for the next part of this process -- I hope the campaign will be funded and that I won't lose any money (!) but I'm ready for whatever happens.

  • The part of the project I'm in now -- fulfillment -- is less fun for me, and I'm looking forward to this project being finished, so I have room to try new things. I have lots of ideas for new projects, and I'm looking forward to being back in the flow!

  • Look out for my Kickstarter pre-launch email, and please send it out to anyone you know that you think might be interested... and thanks for your support!

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Matty Grimms
Matty Grimms
Mar 22, 2022

I’ve been searching for a trauma and/or mental health based tarot or oracle deck forever. I have a few decks that work well but this is beautifully drawn and more specific. Can’t wait for kickstarter!!

Mar 22, 2022
Replying to

Thanks -- I was searching for this deck too, that's why I eventually made it 😊 Thanks for your support!

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