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Post-Kickstarter Reflections

What's happening this week:

  • The decks are arriving! In boxes of sixteen and on different days, oddly, but they're arriving :)

  • I've printed and bound about 1/4 of the workbooks

  • I'm doing a maker's faire this weekend (the image above is the banner for my booth), where I plan to offer a DIY tarot-reading experience -- and I hope sell a few decks and workbooks too!

What I'd like to do:

  • Get the "extra surprise" -- which is a bookmark sized to fit the tarot Guidebook, and which was designed by my oldest kid -- printed, so we can get them laminated

  • Figure out how to use my new credit card reader in time for the maker's faire!

  • Get back to trying to figure out how to add e-commerce to this website (once the maker's faire is over!)

  • Start thinking seriously about marketing the deck


  • It's been hard to concentrate on a new project, but now I'm thinking that I need to focus on marketing (arrgghh) and give this current project a chance to get further into the world, before I start developing a new one

  • I'm hoping this maker's faire is a success, because it seems like a fun way to connect with people and share my love of tarot :)

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