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Progress this week

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

What I've done this week:

  • I've almost finished the card images for the Vitality suit

  • I made up a black&white sketch version of the cards and I've asked several people to be "alpha testers" so I can see what this all looks like from an outside perspective!

  • I did more edits of the LWB, in preparation for the testers

  • Also I made an appointment for my first COVID vaccine :)

What I'd like to do:

  • I want to get started on images for the next suit, which is Affinity

  • I want to start incorporating the feedback from the testers

What I've learned:

  • What I think I'm doing and saying with this deck, is maybe not what is actually coming forth from it -- I'm too close to it right now, I can't evaluate it

  • It's a really good thing to get advice from lots of different sources... and I don't have to act on it immediately (or at all)!

Takeaway: if I trust in my own process and my own knowing, the answers will come quietly from within, and they'll be the right ones for me.

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