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Progress this month

What I've done this month:

  • Finished cleaning up all the cards in Procreate, and I'm ready to print them out so I can finally start using the deck myself!

  • Met with one of my "alpha testers" for feedback

  • Started another version of the LWB (version 6! I'm wondering whether my tinkering is actually adding value or just a delaying tactic?)

  • Finalized plans to travel to the East Coast to see family!

What I'd like to do:

  • Contact local printers for estimates (I think I said this last time!)

  • Look into a possible Kickstarter campaign

  • Connect with the other "alpha testers"

  • Incorporate all the feedback and start beta testing

  • Schedule my semi-annual reflection & renewal retreat

What I've learned:

  • More about polyvagal theory

  • How valuable a creative community is to my process

  • Everything seems to have gotten more expensive this year!


  • I'm realizing that I need a creative community around me (like Creative Alchemy) to support my best creative efforts -- since CA ended at the end of March, my progress has been in spurts and stops. I know some of this is just the process, but I miss feeling regularly connected to other creatives. I'm not exactly sure how to go about finding this community, however...

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