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Progress this month

What I've done this month:

  • I uploaded the deck to an online printer and got the prototype back (see above) -- yay! The quality of the cards is very good, but some of the colors are washed out and/or patchy -- so I'm working on redoing those images and re-uploading them

  • I uploaded about half of the LWB to the same printer; but I'm adding some content (expanding the card meaning section) so it's taking longer than I thought it would

What I'd like to do:

  • Figure out how to add images to the box design

  • Start making lists of people/businesses to reach out to, for potential sales! (and opportunities to face some more fears!)

What I've learned:

  • I went on vacation to see my family on the East Coast a few weeks ago. It was a great trip and, because it had been several years since I'd been back, a great opportunity to revisit my child-self and my adult-self in the same space!

  • My inner critical voices are alive and well and just waiting for any opportunity to try to take me down :( And they've become so subtle, I don't realize they've stopped my progress until several days have gone by without me looking at the deck

  • The women from my Creative Alchemy course are still amazing!! So positive and supportive, I feel very uplifted after Zooming with them last week

  • I'm still hesitant to call myself a "tarot deck designer" ... what am I waiting for?


  • Morning pages are still my go-to therapeutic tool for figuring out what's going on inside my body and mind

  • I'm in a pattern of being stopped by relatively small obstacles -- but I keep returning, and I'm proud of that

  • I can call myself a tarot deck designer right now -- I don't have to wait to hit a certain number of likes or a certain sales figure :)

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