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Progress this month

What I've done this month:

  • I finished and uploaded the designs for the "little white book" -- which turned out to be a pretty big bound book! -- and a magnetic box, and got the prototypes back last week (see above). I'm pretty happy with them!!

  • I created a new card, the Dreams card, which is neither in the Major or Minor Arcana, but somewhere in between:

  • I started the Kickstarter application -- there's a lot more to it than I realized!

  • I started working on an idea for another deck -- the theme for this one is the coast redwood, so I've been doing research on the life cycle of redwoods, and traveling around west Sonoma County taking photos of them

What I'd like to do:

  • I'm currently making corrections to the book and the box, and getting ready to upload them to the printer for what I hope will be the LAST prototype!

  • I also have an idea for an oracle deck, so I'd like to start thinking about the broad outlines for that

  • Keep working on the Kickstarter

  • Keep working on my "elevator speech"

  • Get the deck completely finished by the end of the year!

What I've learned:

  • I really like designing tarot decks -- even if I never make a cent off of this, I'm enjoying the process so much! (But of course I'd like to make some cents!)

  • I can figure pretty much anything out -- if I'm willing to sit with the discomfort of not immediately knowing how to do it, and if I'm willing to leave a task when I get anxious or frustrated, and return to it when I'm feeling calmer


  • I've learned so much about myself, working on this deck -- and I feel excited to keep going!

  • I'm looking forward to my annual New Year's solo retreat -- I go down to the beach by myself for a day or two, I do an intention-setting workbook and some tarot readings and I figure out what I'd like to do and be in the coming year. It's a ritual I've grown to love and I rely on it for clarity and guidance all year long :)

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