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Progress this week

What I've done this week:

  • I completed the first Procreate draft of the Minor suits of Affinity and Struggle

  • I wrote a new section for the LWB, with more explanation of my understanding of trauma -- not sure if I'm going to include it or not

  • I got my first COVID vaccine shot, with very few side effects (yay!)

What I'd like to do:

  • I want to complete the first draft of the suit of Skills (I'm about halfway done) - last Minor suit!

  • I'd like to finish up the Majors

  • I want to start researching local printers -- this feels like another big milestone point, and another place to face down my inner impostor!

What I've learned:

  • I'm reminded (again!) what a rollercoaster ride the creative process is -- or at least, my creative process. I've been all over the place this week emotionally: this deck sucks... no, it's really bringing something new and it will help people... my drawings are too unskilled... no, their abstract nature is what will allow people to find their own interpretation... the LWB is too wordy and no one cares what I think about trauma anyway... no, my point of view is valid and valuable, and people will want to hear about it... and so on, back and forth -- sometimes within the space of a few minutes!

  • I've also (re)learned that it's easy to get out of balance, and hard sometimes to realize it.

Takeaway: When I get too ping-pong-y, it's time to take a walk or do some yoga or watch the birds at my feeder -- get out of my head and into my body. I didn't do that enough this week, and I can feel it.

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