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What does "SPIRICAL" mean?

This is from the "little white book" that will accompany the tarot deck:

"The word SPIRICAL is not an actual word in the English language. To me it sounds a bit like “spherical,” symbolizing completeness and integrity; and it looks a bit like “spiral,” which I believe to be a key concept in psychological development and the healing process. And Urban Dictionary defines SPIRICAL as “our spiritual and physical natures being used simultaneously,” which is an essential component in recovery."

I invented this word accidentally, from making a typo -- and I liked the look and sound of it, and when I found the Urban Dictionary definition, that seemed like synchronicity to me! That's why there are spirals in the back design: to highlight my belief that we (along with many things in nature) develop in a spiral pattern. As I write in the LWB: "the spiral symbolizes our journey of development: in the darkness of trauma we find ourselves struggling with the same issues over and over, but as we spiral inward in our search for clarity and healing, we have the opportunity to work with our issues in a slightly different way, from a slightly different perspective, each time they reappear. Each turn of the spiral brings us closer to the light of our true selves."

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