The Spirical Tarot - seated figure, upraised arms; containing fire, heart, spiral, infinity

Hi, I'm Tracey Fisher. My background is in social work, but I'm trying a new path and creating my first tarot deck. I'm designing The Spirical Tarot for seekers who are recovering from trauma, or who want to explore a psychologically-themed tarot deck, or who are curious about using symbol and metaphor to reveal their inner mysteries.



What's Different about the Spirical Tarot?

This tarot deck has a psychological, trauma-informed concept and structure. The meanings of the Major Arcana cards are quite similar to traditional tarot card meanings, but they are arranged to describe our spiral-shaped Journey: our psychological development from birth, through trauma and recovery, to the integration of our full personal potential.


The four suits of the Minor Arcana represent the Guidebook: the ways in which we relate to the experiences we have in the different areas of our lives. The suit of Vitality (Wands) is symbolized by fire, Affinity (Cups) by a heart, Struggle (Swords) by a spiral, and Skills (Pentacles) by an upright infinity sign. And the Role Cards (court cards) represent our individual abilities as Learners, Doers, Feelers and Thinkers. 

This Tarot Deck Contains:

Four cards with symbols fire, heart, spiral, infinity

A 78-card deck: 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, including 16 Role Cards


A "little white book" with information about trauma and tarot, along with card meanings and spreads

Seated figure, arms raised up toward symbols of fire, heart, spiral, infinity

A unique framework to help you open to new ways of seeing yourself and the world

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Meet Tracey.

Based in Northern California, Tracey has been interested in tarot and psychology for many years, specifically in the intersection between the rational and the intangible. Tracey was inspired to create The Spirical Tarot as a tool to support her healing from early trauma. She is passionate about helping people reexamine limiting core beliefs, and move from feeling trapped to having choice.

Photo of Tracey working on card images

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