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Hi, I'm Tracey Fisher. I create self-guided products with a psychological perspective --

for introspective people who want to harness the power of inner reflection

to help them gain new clarity about the challenging issues in their lives.




campaign for The SPIRICAL Tarot funded!

Thanks so much for your support!

You can now purchase The SPIRICAL Tarot deck and The SPIRICAL Year Workbook directly from this website (click on the "Shop" tab), while supplies last.


Meet Tracey.

I've been interested in personal growth, tarot, dreams, depth psychology and synchronicity for most of my life -- I am specifically drawn to how the rational and the intangible intersect in our lives.


The inspiration for every product I create is my passion for helping people reexamine limiting core beliefs and move from feeling trapped to having choice -- and I use every product myself to support my healing from early trauma. I live in the redwoods of Northern California with my husband and two children.


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